Mobile World Congress 2015: The Persistent Problem With Mobile Marketing

Mobile World Congress, held annually in Barcelona, Spain, is known for unveiling the awesome new mobile gadgets soon to be hitting the market. But with all this new technology come opportunities to do really cool things with it. Canada Goose Which is why at this year’s event, held from March 2nd to the 5th, for the first time, the topic of mobile marketing was treated as a standalone, with the International Advertising Bureau, in partnership with Facebook and Nasdaq, hosting an all-day conference.

What we learned:

2015 will be the rise of programmatic advertising — the system of buying and selling media in an automated, data-driven fashion that makes targeting and personalization of marketing messages and initiatives much more efficient.

2015 will also see tremendous inroads made into cross-channel attribution, whereby user activity can be monitored across mobile devices to give clearer insight into consumer decision-making and more reliable measurements of ROI on marketing campaigns.

But the catalyst for much of the discussion among the marketers in attendance was a comment from Lindsay Pattison, CEO of Maxus Worldwide. Adidas Superstar Femme Rose Pattison said:

“The notion that creativity hasn’t been cracked on mobile — I find that depressing.”

She went on to say:

Most clients know that they need to be much more adaptive to the mobile world, but they’re hesitant because they don’t understand it.”

In a nutshell, fear of our own potential to utilize mobile technology to achieve tremendous returns is what prevents greater dedication of our marketing resources to it. nike pas cher A lack of creativity on the part of marketers is the single biggest problem facing mobile marketing.

As marketers, we’re always chasing the latest technology or technique that promises to give us greater effectiveness and cost-efficiency. Nike Air Max 1 homme The ubiquity of mobile technology, whether we’re talking about phones or tablets or even now watches, gives us the ability to provide the right marketing at the right time and the right place to each person. Data-driven programmatic advertising, from the perspective of technological innovation, seems to provide the greatest opportunity for exploiting the potential of mobile.

However, no matter how advanced technology becomes, the foundation of a successful marketing campaign has always been and will always be creativity.

David Sable, global CEO of Y&R, said it this way:

Creativity is simply the story you tell and the assets you use to tell it.”

He further explained it like this:

“Facebook is an innovation, but Facebook, in and of itself, is not a creative thing. nike air jordan 4 femme You need to put stuff in it. chaussure asics pas cher Technology is nothing but an enabler.”

Let me put it to you another way. new balance 2017 Mobile technology isn’t the answer to the ROIs we seek on our marketing initiatives. Parajumpers Pas Cher Mystic Mobile technology is the POTENTIAL for returns the likes that have never before been seen with any other marketing strategies.

If you’re anything like me, what came out of the discussion on mobile marketing at this year’s Mobile World Congress is cause to get super-excited. nike air max 2015 uomo saldi Why? Because even though I’m holding a bird in hand with other forms of marketing, I know that two or three or even four birds are hiding in the bush with mobile marketing.