Mobile Marketing Campaigns In Focus: AB InBev Recommends Your Dinner Beer

Great marketing needs to be RELEVANT, and it needs to be delivered at just the RIGHT TIME.

The first part has always been the challenge of marketers, but the second part is only now being made possible through the use of mobile communications.

A spokeswoman for AB InBev, the largest beer brewer in the world, with sales that topped US$43 billion in 2013, had this to say:

“Mobile plays such an important part in consumers’ lives, and as they increasingly use their devices when shopping to aid in their decision-making process, we see many opportunities for engagement via mobile.”

You’d expect a multinational corporation the size of AB InBev to embrace the latest technologies and marketing techniques, but what might surprise you is the utter simplicity of the genius method they devised to increase the relevance of their beer in the lives of their customers.

AB InBev developed an API that provides recommendations for food and beer pairings.

So say you’re in the mood for grilled chicken and jollof rice — the app will tell you which AB InBev beer will perfectly complement it, stimulating your tastebuds in such a way that’s sure to give the same food that you’ve eaten a thousand times before a whole new taste explosion in your mouth.

The spokeswoman clarified the potential reach of the API:

“An API allows our data to be present in many consumer facing apps. It’s a scalable way of getting our data out there because it can be continually reapplied in whatever site or app is popular at a given time.”

Just imagine all the potential apps that would love to have AB InBev’s content integrated into their app to offer their users a new layer of experience! You better believe that AB InBev’s marketers are thinking about exactly that.

One particular idea that came out of the brewer’s Hackathon held this past February in London was for an app that not only matched food and beer but matched them to the weather. In places of the world that see a wide variety in weather, the idea of an app that suggests the perfect food and the perfect accompanying beer for that moment in time — while you’re standing in the grocery store aisle — is like the ultimate point of sale marketing.

Retailers have long used merchandising tricks to stimulate spur of the moment purchases. Now, however, you have apps on customers’ mobile phones that are making tailored recommendations to hungry bellies and thirsty mouths at the moment when those customers can immediately purchase the items to satisfy the cravings the app helped produce.

The spokeswoman added:

“For the food and beer pairing API specifically, this could be included in eCommerce functions of retailers, recipe pages or used to power entertaining recommendations. One of the reasons we held the Hackathon is because we know there are additional creative applications that we haven’t even dreamed up yet.”

And that’s the beauty of mobile marketing. The potential is exciting and enormous, and the possibilities of things that can be done with it are only limited by the creativity of your company’s marketers. Yet it still seems like the more things change the more they stay the same. Often it is the simplest idea that doesn’t take a marketing genius to think of that most effectively resonates with customers and drives a whole new stream of revenue creation.

So the question is: What genius application of mobile technology can YOU think of to take your business to the next level?